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Elucidation Triune Activation

Elucidation at a Glance …

Focus: emotional subtle body
Minimum Eligibility: 42-week mark following Potentiation session and at least one month after Articulation
Duration: 42 weeks (9+ months)
Some Reported Benefits: increased self-love; more joy; trauma release; forgiveness; acceptance, authentic relationships; clearer life purpose; self-empowerment; hormonal regulation; fewer hot flashes; healthier joints; greater stamina; body wisdom

Activating the Prefrontal Cortex

One intriguing aspect of DNA is that most people use less than ten (some say as little as three) percent of it. The rest has been dismissed by mainstream science as “junk.”

Interestingly, the fact that we use less than ten percent of our DNA correlates to the fact that we use at best ten percent of our brain.

Still more fascinating is that less than ten percent of the matter in the universe may be visible. The other ninety percent has been called “dark matter” and may reside in other dimensions.

Could there be an evolutionary purpose to “junk,” or potential, DNA? Could it have hidden potential awaiting activation? Could it somehow activate the unused portion of our brain? Could this open up our perceptual faculties and allow us to see the invisible ninety percent of the universe?

Many researchers believe the answer to all these questions is an emphatic yes.

The Regenetics Method initially was designed to heal my chronic illness, but it turned out to be much more. At its heart, Regenetics encourages not just healing, but profound bio-spiritual transformation through conscious personal mastery.

Following Potentiation and Articulation, Elucidation—also initiated by a thirty-minute session—is designed to activate, via the neocortex and triune brain, the prefrontal cortex, sometimes called the “bird brain” to distinguish it from the new mammalian, mammalian and reptilian cortices.

Within the brain’s triune nature, to use a term coined by neuroscientist Paul MacLean, we can chart the cognitive evolution of our species from the dominance of the reptilian brain; to the development of the old mammalian, limbic or emotional-cognitive brain; to the ascendancy of the neocortex, new mammalian or verbal-intellectual brain.

Today, in addition to this nested tripartite structure that reads like a three-stop roadmap through human history, we are beginning to see activity in our “fourth brain,” the prefrontal lobes.

Explains Joseph Chilton Pearce in The Biology of Transcendence, neuroscientists

have a variety of viewpoints on this comparatively new portion of our neural system, which was once called “the silent area” of the brain because its function was largely unknown and no activity was indicated there.

Continues Pearce,

Paul MacLean considered the prefrontals a fourth evolutionary system, however, and called them the “angel lobes,” attributing to them our “higher human virtues” of love, compassion, empathy, and understanding.

I offer that MacLean was essentially correct, and that our evolution into a more highly evolved human involves activation of the prefrontal cortex.

In an article entitled “Enlightenment and the Brain,” neurophysicist Christian Opitz reports that

activation of the Frontal Lobes is involved in God-realization. The experience of enlightenment, of non-separation, does not necessarily coincide with the  experience of a living God-presence ... more than the deactivation of the overactivity in the parietal lobes is necessary to move from enlightenment to God-realization. [...] the activation of the frontal lobes [is] a necessary neurological change for God to come alive in the consciousness of a person. The frontal lobes are associated with the individual will. Many mystical traditions speak about the merging of the individual will with the will of God as both a doorway to and result of God-realization. This cannot happen, however, if the frontal lobes are underactive.

Opitz points out an important, often overlooked distinction between the meditative calming of the parietal lobes during the so-called enlightenment of many Eastern mindfulness practices, and genuine bio-spiritual conscious personal mastery.

Unlike mental “enlightenment,” conscious personal mastery culminates not just in perceptual oneness (transformative as that may be), but physical illumination—what mystical traditions call God-realization.

Moreover, such divine embodiment clearly is stated to involve activation of certain regions of the brain.

Elucidation stimulates the prefrontal cortex by way of the neocortex, owing to what I describe in Conscious Healing as a “cortical resonance” in the brain’s triune structure that harmonically activates the fourth brain. For this reason, “Triune Activation” is an appropriate way to characterize Elucidation.

I felt decidedly “altered” for months following Elucidation—as if my brain chemistry had been shifted fundamentally and permanently.

I am reminded of Opitz’s line in the aforementioned article that “[d]opamine, the essential neurotransmitter for frontal lobe activity, is necessary for feelings of enchantment with life and bliss, often described as accompanying mystical union with God.”

Elucidation facilitates conscious personal mastery by assisting the individual to replace limiting and/or harmful beliefs—including associated emotions and attitudes—with life-affirming ones.

Restructuring the belief system and matching emotional states can change one’s experience of reality dramatically. The movement here is toward embodiment of a radical new way of being based no longer on duality and separation, but on unity consciousness and unconditional love.

The Unified Consciousness Field

This third phase of the Regenetics Method prompts potential DNA to reconfigure the individual’s “infinity circuit,” established through Potentiation, to a new unified frequency throughout the bioenergy blueprint called the “Unified Consciousness Field.”

Creation of the Unified Consciousness Field occurs through a process of “torsion” energy repatterning similar to what happens during Potentiation.

The Unified Consciousness Field establishes and helps maintain a heightened unity consciousness by and through which, over time, our new bio-spiritual identity can come into being.

While the Unified Consciousness Field is experienced as a single torsion gestalt, like a bubble of universal creative consciousness surrounding the body, this Field remains a composite of eight bioenergy fields and chakras that constantly balance themselves.

In other words, the Unified Consciousness Field is a result of a continuously running “ener-genetic program” that is “uploaded” through Elucidation, designed to keep the bioenergy centers in a harmonious state of heightened energy.

Only when the bioenergy centers are sufficiently balanced and energized can further bio-spiritual evolution, such as that encouraged by Transcension, occur.

Read about Transcension, the fourth and final DNA activation in the Regenetics Method.

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